About Us


Our Vision

"To be a non-religious family of 'REAL PEOPLE' bringing Life & Hope to our communities, our neighbourhoods,
our city of Canterbury, South East Kent and life at a time."

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This may sound confusing. How can a church NOT be religious? Well, we define "religious" differently. Religion is not what Jesus was interested in. He was interested in people. So he unleashed a movement that was all about that very thing... People. Religion tends to be about rules, institutions and power. Jesus cares about hope, purpose, life and trust. So we try as hard as we can to be non-"religious."


What we Believe

We believe in historic Christianity, please see our Statement of Faith for a detailed summary.
Wherever you are on your journey we'd like to be part of it with you, no matter what you believe right now.


Vineyard Churches

The Vineyard story is about ordinary people who worship and serve an extraordinary God. The Vineyard is simply one thread in the rich tapestry of the historic and global Church of Jesus Christ.

Visit the Vineyard Churches UK & Ireland website for more information.
We hope you have been able to find all the information about the church you wanted. If you would like to get in touch with someone at the church office please use the contact details below.

 About Us 

Contact information

a. Canterbury Academy, Knight Avenue, Canterbury, CT2 8QA
p. PO Box 1072, Canterbury CT1 9JL