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Are you new to Canterbury Vineyard? If so, you are very welcome! Please do check out our Visitor info to find out how to connect with us.

Canterbury Vineyard is a non-”religious” community of real people following Jesus into Life, Passion and Meaning.

We are a Christian Church that is committed to historic Christianity and determined to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ in the 21st century. We are part of the Vineyard movement which has over 1500 churches worldwide with more than 100 in the UK.


This may sound confusing. How can a church NOT be religious? Well, we define "religious" differently. Religion is not what Jesus was interested in. He was interested in people. So he unleashed a movement that was all about that very thing... People. Religion tends to be about rules, institutions and power. Jesus cares about hope, purpose, Life and trust. So we try as hard as we can to be non-"religious."

Part of this is that we realise for many "church" has been seen as dull, boring and off-putting. This really frustrates us! Jesus was none of those things. He was and is the most interesting person ever. He attracted crowds of thousands and threatened empires even though he was a simple carpenter from a hick town. Our churches should be places of electricity and fascination. So I guess we just
simply want to get to know this most interesting & compelling person named Jesus in a Church Community that is Fun, Relaxed, Relational and Authentic.


I guess you can say we’re a “Second-chance” Church. A place where those who have walked away from or given up altogether on ”church” might find something for them that they find credible and exciting. And yet also a place where those who feel like church has given up on them can find a “second chance” themselves. 

What to expect?

We do what you might expect a church to do... We meet together on Sunday mornings for worship and teaching and great coffee and doughnuts! We have small groups that meet together in the week and "do life," pray, discuss, eat and enjoy themselves! We throw parties and host courses for people to grow etc.... And of course you are welcome to ALL OF IT. Really, we would be honoured if you came along. All the details are on the pages of this website so just check out what is up and jump in. We are so glad you dropped by.

 About Us 

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t. 01227 392765
a. Canterbury High School, Knight Avenue, Canterbury, CT2 8QA
p. PO Box 1072, Canterbury CT1 9JL